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Celebrating Cultures – How Delphi Creates a Rich Learning Environment

celebrating cultures

Massachusetts is home to people of many diverse backgrounds, so it’s only natural that the Delphi Academy of Boston has students who come from many different cultural traditions. We feel it is vitally important for a school to celebrate these different cultures in order to raise intelligent and caring students. Here are some of the ways Delphi Academy is able to encourage that environment:

1. Exposure to different viewpoints

Modern academic research has shown over and over again that young people learn more when they’re exposed to lots of different viewpoints. Being exposed to the same viewpoints of the same group of people over and over again can have a stagnating effect on a person’s emotional development and intelligence. When you have to listen to people with different upbringings discuss an issue, you are able to hear varied arguments that might change your own view of the world.

At the Delphi Academy of Boston, we encourage our students to all share their ideas with their fellow students and make them feel welcome when differences in ideas arise.

2. Awareness of cultural traditions is built into the curriculum

In addition to learning in a student body with diverse opinions. Delphi Academy builds the celebration of multiple cultures right into the curriculum. One of the key parts of the Delphi program is the richness of the reading program all students study. Books on the program cover topics ranging throughout the world’s cultures, countries and religions throughout history. In the course of daily study, Delphi Boston students interact with cultures that will expand their horizons.

By reading fun and adventurous books that cover so many different parts of the world and schools of thought, students are able to learn about other cultures without losing interest.

3. Focusing on the benefits of a diverse education

Knowing a lot about the world’s cultures and celebrating them all helps in many ways. Students who grow up celebrating different cultures learn many skills such as listening to other better and having the ability to empathize with other people. Not only does this help you get along with others better, it also helps you interact with more people effectively. When you understand the people around you and the various cultural traditions they come from, you have the foundation you need to communicate with others effectively. This sets the students up for the rest of their lives.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Delphi Academy of Boston fosters and celebrates diversity, contact us today!

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