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Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer (Straight from Delphi Boston Teachers)

According to the National Summer Learning Association, if kids take a break from learning throughout the whole summer, they not only miss out on new information and skills, but they may lose up to three months’ worth of reading and math skills from the previous school year.

Although this is the case, it can be difficult to maintain a proper schedule in continuing with your kids’ education on a long break. So, what are the most enjoyable and successful ways to help your children learn while they’re having fun and enjoying their summer?

  1. Plan “Surprise” adventures. Take your kids on fun day trips to local museums, historical grounds, or educational classes where they can not only learn something new but get a fun experience with you.
  2. Teach with movies. Movies are an excellent way to study a time period, subject. It is also a great way to simply have a family debate on the film and why someone liked or disliked it.
  3. Grow a garden over the Summer. Growing a garden with your kid will give them an understanding of how to maintain a space and keep a living thing alive. Give them freedom with the planning of what plants to grow. You might even go a step further and give them a budget to handle purchasing plants and materials. There are many opportunities to learn here.
  4. Take on a Summer reading list. Head to your local library or bookstore with your kid and have them choose their own Summer reading list. When you return home find out why they chose each book and then target them out so they have a realistic idea of how much they should be reading each day in order to complete their books. Upon reading a book you might have a discussion about the story with them to find out their thoughts on it.
  5. Declare a weekly “Kids in the Kitchen” day. This is a super fun way to teach your kids about not just cooking, math and cleaning up after themselves. Get creative with your recipes and have fun!
  6. Encourage building for both boys and girls. We’re not just talking blocks, head to Home Depot or Lowes and get materials to build a fort, a race track, a doll house, etc. Lessons in safety, creativity and more are possible with this activity.
  7. Write a book and create its illustrations together. This is a perfect way to get creative and practice your kids writing and grammar skills.
  8. Get creative with art projects. This is a way to teach art history, new styles of painting and drawing, etc. You might study an artist together and attempt to replicate his/her style.
  9. Be an active member of your community. Whether in your neighborhood or in your town/city, find activities with your kids where they can actively be a part of starting and completing a helpful project.
  10. Fuel your kids’ passions this Summer. Find out more about the things your kids are passionate about pursuing in life and give them the opportunity to learn more about it this Summer.

There are countless ways to stay busy and keep learning with your kids during the Summer. Here at Delphi Boston, we can’t wait to see what you come up with and are excited to see the new skills our students learn when they come back to school next Fall. 

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