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The Delphi Program

The Delphi Program™ is a unique, integrated approach to learning. Applied to K-12 schools and offered by Delphi Schools, Inc.™, the eight basic principles of the program lay out a fundamental philosophy. Very few things could be more important to a parent or a student than understanding a school’s philosophy.

The Delphi Program has been designed from the ground up to help students of any age “take on life.”

Here’s how we do it.

  1. Empower Them as Students
  2. Get Personal
  3. Put Ethics and Integrity at the Center
  4. Fully Achieve the Basics
  5. Emphasize Literacy
  6. Keep it Real
  7. Involve Parents
  8. Demand Competence

Delphi Academy of Boston is a preschool through eighth grade program.


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