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“Do It Now!” 5 Ways to Keep Your Elementary Schooler on Track and Organized

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Many of the skills your child will need to succeed in life are learned at a surprisingly early age. It’s never too early to help your child begin practicing them in elementary school before they learn these skills the hard way through the school of hard knocks.

Wouldn’t it be nice, for example, if we had all learned how to stay organized as children? It would have saved parents that are raising organized kids, it comes down to one sentence: “Do it now!” Here are five ways you can put this simple line into action in regards to your elementary schooler’s education:

1. Understand the Program on Day 1

The first step towards helping your kids learn to be organized at Delphi starts with you. Spend time with your child’s teacher on day one at the school to start learning how the Delphi program is different than a traditional school. Learning at a proficiency-based school is very different from anything you’ve encountered before, and it’s best to start learning how that will benefit your child right away.

2. Keeping Track of Assignments

There’s a lot to remember when you start going to school. Just because a student is in elementary school doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of assignments to keep track of. In order to start applying “Do it now” right away, encourage your elementary school child to write every assignment down as soon as she gets it. You can always back her up by asking her teacher to inform you of her assignments, too.

3. Doing Homework Before TV or Games

When the school day is done and dinner is over, many elementary school children love nothing more than to sit back and watch TV or play video games. While you might feel like it’s easiest to just let them be, this is another point where “doing it now” works a lot better. Have a dedicated slot for homework right after dinner and make it an ironbound tradition to do nothing else until it’s done. If you can get this habit started early, you’ll find your child learning to always stay on track in school.

4. Getting Ready for School the Night Before

Many school mornings end up in a disorganized mess as the whole family rushes to get ready for school and work. This is really due to putting off “work” that should have already been completed the previous night. Your children can learn to stay on track at night by setting out the next day’s outfit and preparing the next day’s lunch. If carefully followed, this habit makes the morning routine before school a lot easier to manage.

5. Getting to Sleep

Most parents understand getting a good night’s sleep is vital to a child’s well-being and academic progress, but far too many parents don’t supervise their children closely when they’re heading to bed. Many children end up spending a lot of time on their iPads or other devices in bed when they really should be going to sleep. This is another place where the “do it now” philosophy works. By taking away all devices and having them get into the routine of going right to sleep instead of playing games and watching videos before bed, every part of their academic lives will become more organized.

For more information on helping your children get organized and learning to succeed, talk to a member of our Admissions Department today. 

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