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Does Punctuality Really Affect Your Child’s Success in Life?


You’ve probably had the thought more than once — is it really important to be on time? Most adults will try to be on time for their appointments, but most will also agree it’s easy for things to “come up.”

When it comes to our children, is it important to teach them to be punctual? Will it affect their success in life? At the Delphi Academy of Boston, we believe it’s vital to teach children to be punctual. Here are several reasons why:

1. Learning to keep one’s word

It may seem like a small thing, but being on time to school or any other appointment is one of the first ways a child learns to keep his word. Getting to school on time, for example, shows your children it’s important to be where you say you’re going to be, when you say you’re going to be there.

Teach your kids how important you feel it is to be on time to all of your appointments. In order to actually be able to keep your appointments, you can start teaching your kids to make enough time for their own appointments in the first place. Practice leaving early enough for doctor or dental appointments. Get out of the house with lots of time in the morning so you always get to school on time.

2. You get more done!

Keeping to a schedule is especially important for a learning student due to everything there is to get done. It’s really hard for a student to make significant progress if the student isn’t keeping to a routine. Showing up late to class is also embarrassing for the student and usually causes some disruption to the class. This wastes time not only for the student but for everyone else in the class, too. When a student starts getting to school and all his appointments on time, he learns a lot more.

3. Learning to plan effectively

When a student learns to be on time, he can start to make plans effectively. Knowing he will be on time to school, club meetings and other types of appointments lets him make plans and know he’ll actually be able to keep them. Being someone able to actually make it to work on time or just show up to a friend’s birthday party as an adult is an invaluable skill which will take him far in life. The student will be able to take these skills into high school, college and the rest of his life.

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