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Autumn Bucket List – 10 must-do Fall activities

Autumn is approaching, so make sure you don’t let it slip by without trying out a few of our must-do Fall activities! These are activities that you can find no matter where you live. Whether it be the West, East or Mid-west, there’s something for every family.

  1. Go pick apples and make apple pie.
  2. Bundle up and stargaze.
  3. Try out new fall-themed desserts. 
  4. Visit a local farm to purchase seasonal veggies/fruits. 
  5. Host or attend a costume party. 
  6. DIY Halloween costumes this year!
  7. Take a nature hike/walk around a local park. 
  8. Visit a local museum and get a warm drink. 
  9. Take a day trip to a nearby town you have never been to. 
  10. Go to the last drive-in of the year!
  11. Make popcorn and watch a spooky movie. 
  12. Rake leaves and then play in them!
  13. Solve a puzzle as a family. 
  14. Go to a local corn maze. 
  15. Go to a pumpkin patch. 
  16. Carve jack o’lanterns. 
  17. Roast the pumpkin seeds. 
  18. Make pumpkin pie. 
  19. Decorate your house for Halloween!
  20. Host a bonfire night and roast s’mores. 

We hope you were able to collect some ideas for your very own Fall bucket list. We hope this Autumn treats you and your family well! Enjoy the cool nights and the approaching spooky season here in Boston! If you do end up exploring one of our many activities, we would love to see it. Make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook. Stay updated on what we are doing at Delphi Boston through any of our social media, our blog, or just through our 2021-2022 school-year calendar found on our website.

Download our bucket list below. Print it and hang it on your fridge so your kids never get bored on the weekends or after school. Happy Autumn!

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