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Emphasis on Literacy

Literacy is a crucial part of the foundation of every education. It is therefore a key to the Delphi Program. From preschool through middle school, we take students step-by-step on their pathway to full comprehension. Our approach to the emphasis on literacy has proved effective through these four concepts:


  • Encourage the liberal use of dictionaries and other reference books. Students are bound to run across words and concepts they don’t yet understand, it’s a necessary part of learning. The key is not to let them become bogged down by the unknown. When they look up a new word, they not only expand their vocabulary but also increase their understanding of the text.


  • Start reading early. Learning to read at an early age is extremely beneficially for young students. At Delphi Boston, emphasis on literacy begins in the preschool’s Early Reading Program. Children as young as 2 years and 9 months start with reading readiness. The individualized nature of our curriculum ensures that every student goes at his or her appropriate pace.


  • Provide range and variety in a high-volume literature program. For our elementary school program, students read approximately 17-23 books a month. Those in the middle school read five to ten, depending on the difficulty of the book. These books cover a variety of subjects and aren’t limited to just novels. Students at Delphi Boston read fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies and plays.


  • Discussion fuels comprehension. Elementary and middle school students alike attend Literature Seminars as part of their coursework. These seminars focus on key literary works at a slightly advanced level. They encourage students to broaden their worldviews and develop critical thinking skills. Discussion, both one-on-one and in a group, allows students to express any opinions and questions they may have had while reading.

Literacy is a significant portion of every educational foundation. Language fluency and comprehension are used in every aspect of life and school. This importance is reflected in the curriculum at Delphi Boston for every age group.

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