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Empower Students Through Letter Writing

empower students through letter writing

When’s the last time you received a handwritten letter in the mail, or any mail that wasn’t junk for that matter? These days receiving snail mail is a celebrated event, cherished far more than an email. Teaching students the benefits of letter writing doesn’t just help preserve the tradition, it gives them confidence in a life skill and can even empower students.

Letter writing gives students a voice

Even if it’s just as part of a practice exercise, students are given the opportunity to address whomever they want. They have the autonomy to ask questions and provide solutions to anyone they want, regardless if they actually send the letter or not. Do they have an idea for education reform? Write President Obama. Are they reading about the Civil Rights Movement? Why not write to Rosa Parks? Students have the power.

Letter writing helps students find their passion

When we write a letter, we are given a blank space to put down the thoughts that are most important to us. By letting students choose the topic, they are given the opportunity to explore what matters most to them and explore it further.

Letter writing develops critical thinking skills

Letters, whether personal or persuasive, involve a different type of writing from other academic pursuits. They present a unique opportunity to transfer thoughts to paper that students may not experience otherwise.

Letter writing is a skill that expands past the classroom

The ultimate goal of any education is that the core lessons last long after school is out. Students who are comfortable writing letters are well-prepared for other “real world” forms of communication, whether through the post office or an online inbox.

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