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Empower Them as Students

Every Delphi student thoroughly learns how to learn.  In study, as in other fields, it is know-how that separates successful ventures from unsuccessful ones.  By understanding the fundamentals of the learning process itself, Delphi students discover that any lack of success in learning can be traced back to causes they can control.  They learn why some students are self-motivated and some aren’t.  They learn the early-warning signs for lack of comprehension and an inability to apply what they are learning.  Moreover, they learn exact actions to take to resolve these difficulties and keep themselves on track. At Delphi, this know-how is referred to as Study Technology. It was developed by the American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard. In the end, students acquire the ability to study any subject effectively and independently—a powerful tool that gradually allows students to take genuine control of their educations and, ultimately, their futures.

Empowering students with an ability to study is an investment that pays off for a lifetime.

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