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How To Encourage Creative Writing With Your Child

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November is National Novel Writing Month. An organization called NaNoWriMo has encouraged writers every November starting in 1999 to put their creativity on paper. Over the years, it’s gained quite a bit of steam (just take a look at the NaNoWriMo hashtag on Twitter for proof) and even sparked quite of few of traditionally published books and even more self-published ones. Though your child may not be ready to write 50,000 words just yet, it’s never too early to sharpen their creative writing tools.

  • Encourage writing every single day
    It doesn’t matter what they write about, but putting in at least a half hour each day helps develop a habit. It’s also a great opportunity to let them just explore their own creativity for 30 minutes.
  • Share!
    Though it may seem intimidating for them, gently encourage your son or daughter to share their writing with you. When they’re in class, they’ll be asked to switch papers with a peer or even read aloud to a group. This is a lot easier when they’re already comfortable with others seeing their work. As an added bonus, even a community of two collaborating can inspire your future J.K. Rowling with grand ideas!
  • Ask intriguing questions
    Has anyone ever said “write something, anything” after handing you a pen and paper? Did you feel that panic of every thought you’ve ever had rushing out of your head? That’s not exactly a feeling that encourages creativity. Instead, ask your child interesting questions

Writing is a basic academic skill that is utilized in every other subject. Being able to communicate is incredibly important for every child. That’s why we emphasize writing in the curriculum at Delphi Boston. To learn more about our curriculum, RSVP for our November 16th Open House.

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