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End of the Summer Educational Activities

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Have the lazy days of summer gotten too lazy? Believe it or not, kids who aren’t engaging in educational activities are losing some of what they’ve gained over the past year. Instead of your kids having to do catch up when school starts, why not give them some activities during the summer to keep their minds alert and growing.

Go hiking – It’s amazing how much we can learn just by being quiet in nature. Take your kids on a nature walk or hike and help them to use their senses to observe the world around them. Discuss what they see, smell, hear, feel and maybe even taste. If you discover something you’re unfamiliar with, be sure to ask a park ranger or look it up when you get home.

Volunteer – Take your kids to a soup kitchen, nursing home, or community park or garden. Teaching your kids the benefit of giving back to your community can range in all types of work. Discover what activity would suit your child best, that way volunteering isn’t work, but fun!

Star gazing – With these clear summer nights, let your kids sleep outside and explore the stars. Check out some astronomy books from the library or use a stargazing app on your phone to aid in learning about the constellations.

Visit a museum – Look for special summer kid’s days at local museums, science centers, or galleries. Consider your child’s interests and find a place that would be fun and engaging for him or her.

Home science projects – Look up easy home science experiments to do with your kids. These experiments can introduce them to new concepts or be a reminder of lessons they’ve learned before. For ideas check out our Science Pinterest page.

Learn a new craft – Look up resources or find a friend who can teach your child a new art such as knitting, sewing, origami, or paper mache.

cooking educational activity

Cooking and Baking – If you or your significant other loves to be in the kitchen, teach your kids your ways and some great life skills at the same time. Cooking and baking can remind your kids about fractions and measurements as well as the chemistry that takes place during the heating process.

Go geocaching – Take your kids on a real life treasure hunt by geocaching. Teach your kids how to read a map and navigate to a specified location, not to mention finding a cool treasure!

Don’t let the summer waste away. Take advantage of the time your kids have now and help them engage in new educational activities that’ll be fun for all of you!

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