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Exciting Announcement!

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Delphi Boston has a very exciting announcement… This January we will be starting a new preschool classroom!

The new preschool classroom will help to increase our enrollment by potentially ten students. 

We are so excited for Ms. Pam’s return to Delphi Academy as a preschool teacher. Ms. Pam worked here about 15 years ago.  She decided to open her own daycare, which she ran for 15 years in her home.  She has a very strong love for Delphi and over the years has referred 18 children to our school.

Preschool is an essential part of a child’s education where we as educators have a chance to help build a basic foundation in reading, math, writing and even learning to use a pencil correctly.  They have a lot of fun learning songs, dancing and creating beautiful art projects.  They also participate in physical education every day.

We are very excited to share this expansion with you and we can’t wait to see you and your children experiencing the new classroom this coming semester!

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