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Fall Arts and Crafts

Crafts are great, in or out of the classroom, for getting everyone into the autumn spirit! Simply designing pumpkins out of paper or sculpting clay can be a new, fun experience for kids. They will be so excited to get hands-on with crafts that they won’t even realize that they are educating themselves! Arts introduce new science concepts, color theory and boost motor skills along with hand-eye coordination. Here are a few crafty ideas to spice up this autumn season:


Negative Leaf Impressions

A must! Not only will your little ones be going outside for a stroll to collect the best leaves, but they will also be tuning in their fine motor skills. You’ll want to flatten out the recently picked leaves onto a cloth covered table, then mix water and liquid colors of your choice into a spray bottle. Put the leaves on top of paper and spray from above! Your paper will be left looking like a canvas. The leaf outline will be clearly visible and surrounded by bright autumn colors!


Fall Luminaries

Simple, safe and look great! All you need are leaves, colored paper bags and paint. Lay out your leaf design and mist the bag with the paint! Decorate the whole bag, let it dry for 20 minutes and you are left behind with a new lamp! Light up the inside with a battery operated candle and let your design glow.


Fall Handprint Trees

Something more traditional that always turn out amazing. Your kiddos love the experience and parents love the memory! It might get a little messy but the first step is finding some brown paint and coloring your kiddos palm and forearm to create a tree trunk. You’ll late on use cotton swabs to create red and orange leaves along the branches(or in this case fingers) and along the ground! This activity is great for boosting fine motor skills and color recognition.


Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year – embrace the changing colors and falling of the leaves! Arts and crafts are great activities for when the days get shorter and a fun way to let children express themselves. Not only are they building up their motor skills but they’re creating memories for both of you to remember for a lifetime.

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