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Field Day and Cookout Summer 2011!!

He did it again! Jovan Joseph-Lacet turned our field day into the cook-out of the summer! With the help of some amazing parents, everyone enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and wings, ribs, fruit, salad – what more could a camper ask for?  Homemade macaroni and cheese and the best Vietnamese egg rolls you’ll ever have – made by Kimmy Le’s mother and grandmother!

After everyone feasted it was time for the fun and games to begin! Every class had a blast with water the balloon toss, relay races and many other thrilling challenges.  Our field day was a great one. Thank you to everyone who helped! 

Jovan Joseph-Lacet, Vivens Ulysse and Amion Chinodakufa are ready to get to work!

The balloon toss! Don't let your balloon break!

Taylor Mendes and Imani Joseph-Lacet pass a dripping sponge in the sponge relay race!

Daiva and Adrian's classes play the "Clean Your Room" game!

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