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Four Winter DIY Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Four Fun Winter DIY Activities That Are Fun for the Whole FamilyIt’s almost winter! The temperatures are getting lower, your children will be out of school for winter break, and outdoor activities can be more difficult to enjoy.

Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we understand this time of year can make children a little more antsy. Not only are they often stuck indoors, but there is sugar galore available for them to enjoy. We have a few fun solutions the entire family can enjoy right now — and all throughout the winter season.

Create DIY decorations.

There are DIY projects that children of all ages can enjoy — many of which can be tackled throughout the winter season. We know the holidays only make up a small portion of winter, and once school starts your young one will still need some fun activities to keep him or her busy indoors. Here are several sites with great craft projects you and your children can enjoy, all winter long:

If crafting isn’t your style, you can always ask your child to create an original piece of artwork. This type of decoration will last all year long.

Build a fort.

You don’t need much prep to build a fun fort in your living room. Just get couch cushions, blankets, throw pillows, and a flashlight. If you don’t want your kids disassembling the couch, help them set up a blanket fort with sheets, blankets, clothesline, string lights, and clothespins.

Let your children get creative. Once the fort is built, the whole family can get in and tell stories, eat popcorn, play games, and more!

Start an interactive family fun night.

You may not have as much time off as your children, but you can spare one or two nights a week for fun interaction (meaning not parking the kids in front of the tv). Create a book club, start solving a big puzzle together, play board games, or put together a LEGO set. Doing fun, interactive activities together will help your children create wonderful memories they will treasure for years to come.

Take advantage of the cold weather and bake.

You probably purchase a number of staples that you and your child can bake at home. You can bake bread, bagels, English muffins, pita bread, and more. You can also show your child how to make dough for tortillas. Teaching children to cook can help them get a practical understanding of science, nutrition, and more.

If you are vegan, raw, or gluten free, your child can still learn to bake or use a dehydrator to create delicious and healthy foods.

Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we encourage our students to gain practical knowledge and use the information they learn here at school in the real world. Activities like the above keep student’s minds sharp and allow them to continue to learn – even over the holidays!

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