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Four Perfect Father’s Day Crafts

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating all the wonderful mothers! Now, we want to recognize another major role model in children’s lives, their fathers. With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about a great gift to give that will show how much he means to your family. Our biggest advice? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a gift that he will love. Sometimes it’s the personal sentimental gifts that are the best ones! We’ve put together some great Father’s Day crafts that’ll not only be fun for your children to make, but ones their dad will love too!

1. Decorate Golf Balls

father's day golf balls

Have your children decorate the golf balls with colored sharpies and next time Dad goes golfing, he’ll be thinking of them while working on his swing!

2. Make a Handprint Craft

father's day craft

Handprint crafts are great because not only is it easy for your child to make, but it’s a great present their father can reflect on as the kids get older. Bonus tip: Put the year on the bottom so when Dad looks back on it later, he can remember how old the kids were when they made it!

3. Do a Cute Photo Shoot

father's day photo shoot

Do a photo shoot with your children showing how much they love their dad! This picture isn’t just an overflow of cuteness, but it’s will sure make their dad feel loved on Father’s Day and every other day of the year.

4. Make a Customized Dish

father's day grill

Make a cute, customized dish, like the one above if he’s a big fan of grilling. If he drinks coffee every morning, a coffee mug with the kids’ artwork would be perfect for him. Not only is it a great gift for him, it’s also very handy to have around!

This crafts were found on Pinterest. Take a look at the Crafts board on the Delphi Boston Pinterest page for even more great ideas. We hope you all have a great Father’s Day this year!

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