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Fun Summer Activities:

Summer is the perfect time for your kids to get outside and take advantage of the free time they have and the nice weather that comes with the season! Here are a few activities for your kids to take part in this summer break:

Explore the neighborhood and town on a bike ride with friends. Not only is this a great way to get outside and exercise, but it’s a fun way for you kids to make new friends and to experience new parts of the town.

Gather some kids on a nice day and head over to the local park for a picnic. Have your kids pick out some favorite foods, try out some new foods, grab a blanket and some fun games and set up for a fun afternoon. This is an activity that never fails to produce a good time.

Science experiments are a fun way to give your kids the freedom to ask questions and explore new worlds over the summer break. Find out what your kid is interested in finding more about, help them gather data and give them the tools to experiment in different ways. It’s both educational and fun!

Teach business skills through the creation of a business. Whether it’s dog walking, pet-sitting, weed picking or a lemonade stand, this activity will give your kid lessons in personal finance, communication, and running a business. It’s a creative and fun way for your kids to stay productive this summer!

Here at Delphi Boston we hope your summer is filled with new experiences and fun! Remember to stay productive, keep learning and have a blast!

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