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Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer!

Summer break is here which means beautiful weather, family trips and this familiar question from your kids: “I’m bored, what should I do?” Delphi Boston is here to help you out with a few tips on keeping your kids on task and productive this summer. Not only will your kids get to enjoy the weather and fun activities, but they’ll learn more and get caught up on basic school work. When it comes to time to roll into the school year in September it will be a total breeze for the whole family! 

  1. Improving their reading skills is a must this Summer! Put aside 20-30 minutes a day to read aloud with your younger kids and get your older kids to read pleasure books. Go on weekly trips to the local library/browse the vast collection of books on Amazon/Audible. Research a bit online about local reading challenges for the summer to get your kids excited about reading! 
  2. Teach your kids about saving and making money. You can get quite creative with this one and involve many different subjects at a time in order to teach about basic saving habits, work ethic and math. You can either create a paid chore list or help them come up with a simple business plan of creating and selling something online/to your neighbors. The sky’s the limit! 
  3. Build a garden, grow some edible crops and teach your kids how to cook. This is a super fun and involved activity for the whole family. Teach your kids a bit about construction and DIY activities, growing and maintaining plants through basic science and then show them how to cook different recipes! We guarantee your kids will love the time spent outside learning with you! 
  4. Put on plays. This is an activity we love and it’s a creative way to teach your kids about creative writing, grammar and public speaking. Go crazy on this one through story ideas, costume design and fun sets created through recycling! 
  5. Teach your kids about basic planning and research by giving them the assignment of planning and organizing a future family trip. This is not only a great way to teach them organizational skills, but it’ll be a way for them to become more involved in your group as a family. 

Here at Delphi Boston we hope your Summer is filled with learning and fun. We will miss you dearly without our annual Summer Camp, but can’t wait to see you again this Fall! Good luck on your endeavors in teaching your kids something new this Summer break.

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