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Gardening with Kids: How it Benefits them

Gardening with kids

Getting outside in the fresh air and sunlight this Spring is important for everyone. But did you know just how much gardening with kids can positively affect their brains and bodies? For parents struggling to find ways to encourage their kids to eat a healthy and balanced diet, gardening can be an important tool. You don’t need a lot of space to get started. Plus the food and flowers this activity reaps is just one of the many benefits:

Gardening with kids encourages healthy eating.

Healthy eating can be a struggle with kids. Planting a garden with them is an excellent step in the right direction. This activity can help teach the importance of responsibility as they care for their own fruit and veggies. Plus, there is no better feeling than eating home-grown food.

Develops cognitive skills and motor function.

The wonder of seeing a garden grow may spark your kids to ask many questions. Soon you will be talking about soil composition, photosynthesis and more! It is also an activity requires them to analyze situations and allow things to be carried out. Not only this but gardening will help in the development of motor skills through physical exercise.

Encourages more time outside.

Studies show that when children have contact with soil during activities like digging and planting, they have improved moods, better learning experiences and decreased anxiety. Plus they are getting fresh air, sunlight and time away from their devices.

Gardening with kids teaches patience.

The time it takes to grow a seed to harvesting your veggies takes weeks, if not months! Gardening is all about patience … and it’s always worth the wait!

There are countless ways to benefit your child’s health and happiness. Getting outside with an activity like gardening is just one of them. If you get outside and start a garden with your kids, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram.

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