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Happy New Year from Delphi Boston!

From Delphi Boston to you, Happy New Year! We are more than excited for all that 2023 holds for our school, our students, our staff and our parents! We know how important our community is and want to give thanks for the whole of 2022 and all we accomplished. As we head into the New Year it’s a good idea to celebrate with your class and set some goals for the coming school year!

Prompt your class with: “This year I will…”

Mankind as been making New Year’s resolutions for thousands of years. The ancient Babylonians are said to be the first to make them! Around 4,000 years ago, they would promise the gods to pay off their debts and return borrowed farm equipment.

Ask your students to write out one new thing they would like to try, one thing they would like to get better at, one habit they would like to break, and one way they could be kinder.

After students have completed this activity find out which resolution they think will be hardest to keep and why? What steps can they take to ensure they stick to their goals? Have them write that down.

We hope the New Year is wonderful, and filled with growth and happiness for you, your students and your family. Here’s to all which 2023 holds.

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