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Help Your Child Brush Up His or Her Manners This Summer

Help Your Child Brush Up His or Her Manners This SummerSummer is an odd season for kids. They lose a lot of the structure the rest of the year has to offer and this can cause summer learning loss. The abundance of activities, available sugar, and general chaos of summer can also cause children to forget their manners more often than usual. This can make things difficult for you as a parent.

We are here to help! Here are five ways you can help reinforce manners in your child throughout the season:

  1. Have him or her write “thank you” notes

Your child is likely going to be invited to summer birthday parties or you will be heading off on an out-of-town vacation. Additionally, he or she may be visiting relatives this season while you work or as a vacation. Buy fun thank you cards and, after each party, visit to relatives or vacation, have them write a “thank you.” They can thank the hotel you stayed in for a wonderful time, thank your parents or siblings, or send a thank you to the birthday child.

  1. Keep your child involved in sports or games with friends

Sports and games allow your child to learn the value of good sportsmanship. This may be as simple as telling them to shake another player’s hand and say “good game” and as difficult as explaining why a “victory dance” done after a win is rude.

  1. Set up boundaries within your home

Ask your child to respect the privacy of those they live with and teach them about ownership. This is easier said than done, because it means that his or her room must be respected as a private space as well – and that space belongs to your child. However, teaching your youngster to knock when a door is closed, ask permission to play with the iPad, and respecting boundaries will go a long way in keeping your child honest and respectful.

You can make this a fun activity by creating door signs with your child that show which room belongs to whom and even creating “privacy” door knockers, similar to those you see in a hotel. One side could say “Come In!” while the reverse states “Please Knock!”

  1. Show mutual respect

We work with youngsters of many ages, and one common problem among many of them is a tendency to interrupt when another person or student is speaking. This is a situation that can be easily remedied by asking your child not to interrupt when he or she does so. Then, when it is your child’s turn to speak, do not interrupt them in turn. Showing mutual respect in this manner is treating your youngster as their own person and allowing them to make a decision about their actions.

  1. Throw a party

Your child may have a birthday this summer or they may simply want a number of friends to visit. Tell them you will help throw a party and involve them in every step, from calling or mailing invitations to setting up the party to entertaining his or her guests to thanking them for coming. By giving your child the responsibility of throwing the party (with your careful help), they will learn valuable etiquette lessons for themselves.

Summer is a wonderful time to teach children how to interact with others outside of a structured environment. Be sure to take advantage of all of the opportunities this season has to offer.
Meta description: Summer break is a great time to teach your child life lessons.

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