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How to Improve Your Child’s Manners Before the Holidays

How to Improve Your Child’s Manners Before the HolidaysThe holiday season is nearing and your family and friends have more opportunities than usual to enjoy your child’s company. This beautiful season is not only an excellent time for your child to connect with family, but it’s a valuable teaching moment you can use.

Preparing your child for holiday meals can teach them an important lesson in being “grown up.” Here’s a quick “how to” in helping your child brush up on his or her manners before your family’s Thanksgiving meal:

Establish Ground Rules

Children often need to be gently reminded of your dinner table rules. This can be anything from “no eating food with your hands” to learning how to “pass” something without overreaching. Your younger children may need to be reminded that a plate is not a musical instrument or that chewing with his or her mouth open is unacceptable. Establishing these rules in advance will help make the meal that much smoother.

Practice Before the Big Day

Make a concerted effort to practice specific or new manners with your child before the holiday gathering. Try serving dinner a few nights in the same way and with the same cutlery, your family will use. You can even go all out and make a three-course meal and show your child how easy and fun it is to try new, more complicated dishes.

Encourage Questions

No one was born understanding which spoon is for soup and which is for ice cream. If your holiday dinners are usually more elaborate, be sure to prepare your youngster by setting the table in the holiday style and telling your children to ask questions. The sheer amount of food, activity, and place settings can overwhelm your child, so be gentle and help them out.

Practice Good Manners Yourself

Children learn by example. So, if you have dinner table rules, you and your significant other need to follow those rules yourselves.

Finally, Forgive Small Mistakes on the Big Day

Holidays are exciting with lots of activity, food, noise, and entertainment going on. If your child makes a small mistake by forgetting to put his napkin on his lap or failing to hug grandma, don’t sweat it. Your child is doing the best he or she can — just like everyone else.

Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we treasure the many practical learning moments the holidays can bring. If you are seeking a school that follows a unique, proven learning approach, take a look at the Delphi Program. We are here to help your child learn and grow.

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