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How to Get your Child More Engaged in Fifth Grade Studies

How to Get your Child More Engaged in Fifth Grade StudiesFifth grade is an important grade. For many, it is the last year of elementary school. It also, unfortunately, can be a grade in which some children stop enjoying school and become uninterested in school subjects. This lack of engagement or challenge can stop your child from doing well in later schooling, from high school to college.  

Here at Delphi Boston, we work with many children who transferred from a school that did not challenge their intellect and did not tap into their creativity in 5th grade. One of our goals is to help your child have fun in school again. When young people enjoy their schooling and are actively engaged, they learn much more and often do well in future classes. Ours is a proficiency-based school program, so when a child joins us mid-stream, we do a full skills assessment before putting them into a class. If there are any weak spots in their education, we are able to help them overcome those challenges and speed them along with our hands-on academic approach.

We utilize a number of specific techniques to keep our students working competently and confidently through their grades. Here is a quick “how to” that shows how we successfully help young people learn and stay engaged in their grade, all year round.

A well-rounded curriculum

At Delphi, we offer a well-rounded curriculum that covers everything from the three Rs to geography, research, foreign language, life skills, making moral decisions, art, and practical projects. Giving young people a variety of topics to explore helps them correlate what they learn in one class with what they are learning in another. For example, one of our practical projects is keeping a budget. This easily shows young people how math works on a practical basis. Our students have also participated in building-type projects that bring geometry into real life. When young people learn skills and then see how they can be used in life, they are much more engaged in their sit-down type classes.

Field trips

Another great way to keep young people engaged is to take them out into the real world. This is another way to help students connect what they study to real life. We take one or two field trips each month in Elementary School and these help keep students engaged in their studies.

Fun and educational fairs

We recently put on a science fair and a geography fair. Both of these activities allowed students to pursue aspects of science and geography that interested them. Students delved deeply into these subjects and learned from independent study. Then, they created interactive displays and presentations that allow the student to teach guests what they have learned. This keeps our students engaged and interested in their chosen topics.

Practical application

All of the above activities are there to show students that what they are learning has a practical application. By helping students apply what they have studied to life, gaining knowledge becomes more useful and more fun. This is why we take a practical approach to learning here at Delphi Boston.

If you would like to help your child engage in his or her studies even more, contact us today. We allow year-round enrollment.

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