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How to help your child develop organization skills.

Organization skills for kids

Some kids are naturally organized, but for most it’s a skill that must be learned over time. Kids can develop an effective approach and, with some help and practice, gain organization skills. Developing good habits at a young age can help children prepare for – and succeed in – life during and beyond schooling. Here are a few ways that you, as a parent, can help your child be more organized:

1. Make checklists and to-do lists.

It’s important to establish what is expected of your kid on a regular basis. But it’s just as important to ensure it gets written down and remembered. Include regular homework, extracurricular activities and chores in the to-do list. Encourage your kids to keep the list in a place where it will be seen. This will help to keep your kids accountable and on track.

2. Establish household routines.

Create a schedule and follow it on a daily/weekly basis. Your kids will start to understand what is expected of them. One way to do this is to have your child make a “study hour” schedule and set up a comfortable workspace. This space might be in their room or at the kitchen table. Encourage your child to stick to the schedule even when they don’t have homework.

3. Teach calendar and time management skills.

Help your kids to write down important tasks on a calendar (digital or paper). Then help them estimate how much time each task will take. After they complete a task, ask whether the time estimate was accurate or not. Possibly suggest adjustments for next time. It may also help to have kids write the due date directly on school assignments.

4. Teach them how to use their free-time.

Oftentimes children have a lot of free-time on their hands. How to manage free-time is crucial to developing effective organization techniques. Time management consists of doing 3 things – planning, prioritizing and estimating the time required.

Help your child create and follow a schedule for studying, playing, doing chores, working on a hobby or a sport, and learning something new. After a week, review the results, ask questions and revise their schedule. After a few revisions, your child will have a better idea how they can best use their free time. This is one of the best tips on developing organization skills.

5. Help to set timelines.

Other tips on how to get your child more organized are: cultivating an interest in collecting items such as shells, pens or Pokemon cards; introducing idea organizers that help in making quick notes or ideas in a graphical way; creating fun memory aids to remember information; and keeping children in charge of adult functions such as filling forms, making appointments, talking to authoritative figures, etc.

It’s important to introduce organizational skills as soon as possible to our kids. This will cause it to become second nature as they grow up. Keep in mind that organizing can be a challenge, so reward and support them in the process by developing different routines and giving treats when they accomplish a job well done!

We hope you found our tips to teach your child organization skills helpful! Delphi Boston will help your child develop critical thinking and organization skills. Call and find out more today!

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