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How to Make Learning at Home Fun For Your Kids.

As schools start to open across the country and the Boston area, in-person learning becomes an option for parents everywhere. For those families still learning from home, we understand just how important it is to keep your child’s learning environment as fun, educational, and engaging as possible. Whether you are a parent or teacher (or both), this can be easier said than done. The tips we’ve put together will help make it easier to create the kind of environment your kids will thrive in while learning from home. 

  1. Learn visually with demonstrations. Sometimes using unconventional materials can add that bit of fun missing from your at-home classroom. Grab the shaving cream and write out math problems, take random objects around the house and move them around to demonstrate geography or math, grab some toys and have your kids put on a historical play to show the life of a figure they are learning about. Sometimes it is the most fun moments that your kids will remember the most in their education.
  2. If your kids are learning about money, make up a store game with them to demonstrate the way that money works. Get them involved in the process of understanding different coins, their values, and who to properly allocate the money you have.
  3. Host an upside-down art class. Tape up papers on the underside of your dining room table and have your kids get to work on creating whatever scenes lie inside of their imagination! This is just a fun take on your average at-home art class that we couldn’t resist throwing into this blog!
  4. Enjoy music while your kids are learning. Some children are naturally musical. They understand and remember certain data through rhyming and lyrics. Find YouTube videos that teach your children about the subjects they are studying in school through song!
  5. Be artistic with your kids. Create diagrams to explore concepts further and give your kids the opportunity to do the same. For example, if your child is learning about the circulation system, trace their body on a large piece of butcher paper and have them draw it out.
  6. Get your kids up and moving throughout the day. Giving your kids time to play and get active encourages not only blood flow but learning on their feet!
  7. Give them freedom in the classroom. Sometimes kids love to be hands-on and try things out for themselves. Being at home can be the perfect opportunity for them to do just that. Give them room to explore their interests and projects they are excited about. Here at Delphi Boston, we try to do that every day, explore our program more here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not take this too seriously and to give your children the space they need to explore the world around them, even if that starts from home. 

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