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Indoor Activities For Any Day:

While maintaining a proper school schedule is important while we are all at home, scheduling crafts and family activities is just as essential. We have come up with a few fun and unique activities to keep your whole family engaged, through rain or shine: 

  1. Zoom around in cardboard race cars. This is both a craft and a fun activity. You can find the instructions here
  2. Do an air dry clay craft. Make tea light holders, bowls for the cereal or soup you’ll have for dinner, earrings and more. 
  3. Print out some family photos, hand make and decorate some frames and hang them up around the house.
  4. Build a crazy fort for movie night!
  5. Rearrange your furniture with the kids.
  6. Have a car-wash if it’s sunny out. 
  7. Build a LEGO city. 
  8. Make dinner with a creative recipe you’ve never tried out before. 
  9. Make a list of goals for before and after quarantine with the kids.
  10. Get gardening with the family.

Here at Delphi Boston we would love to know what kinds of activities you and your family are filling your days with. Share the fun memories you are making with us on our Facebook Page. 

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