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Making Reading Fun In and Out of the Classroom

how to make reading fun
Literacy is one of the most crucial skills any student can develop. In fact, it is a core part of the Delphi Program. Reading is an important activity for personal and educational growth, but it’s critical that it doesn’t appear as a chore. Making reading fun at a young age extends well into adulthood and can be accomplished both in and out of the classroom. Here are five ways to foster a love for reading early on:

  1. Build up a classroom library
    Having a wide variety of books directly in the classroom provides an opportunity for eager readers to be exposed to more than just school materials. New worlds can be explored and subjects discovered simply through a bookcase. Consider donating books your child may have grown out of to their school. Building a classroom library shares well-loved, and kid-approved, books with everyone. It’s basically like starting an informal book club at school!
  2. Encourage outside reading for fun
    Showing early readers that reading isn’t just homework is extremely important. Challenges can make reading fun by setting attainable goals, and increasing them each month. Teachers can then display the books their students have read around the classroom like a badge of honor. Classmates can also get inspiration from what their friends have read, and liked.
  3. Switch up genres
    Variety is the spice of life. If your young reader seems particularly attached to fiction books, try introducing a non-fiction one involving a favorite subject. Or incorporate their reading choices with previous conversations or holidays. For example, they probably know to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day so why not offer them a picture book telling the story of St. Patrick or an historical fiction book about Ireland
  4. Independent reading time in the classroom
    Including times when they can get comfortable. Pillows, blankets offer a cozy environment desks simply can’t. Giving young readers a chance to get comfy puts the distractions of hard seats and bumping elbows out of their mind, allowing them to simply enjoy their book.
  5. Reading aloud
    Experts say one of the best ways to improve reading is to do so out loud. Many early readers decide they don’t like it because they lack confidence and experience. Reading aloud can identify problem areas and help tackle them one at a time. If your reader is still uneasy try reading with them and taking turns. A great way to do this is by taking on a book with dialogue. If you’re reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, for example, let them read all of Harry’s lines.

Making reading fun can be done at home and at school. When teachers and parents team up, the young readers win! For more information on the reading program at the Delphi Academy, contact us.

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