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Nearby Arts and Culture Field Trips in Boston

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Children are naturally drawn to art no matter what the medium: painting, drawing, music, the theater, etc. Unfortunately, many schools leave the arts out of their basic curriculum. In many schools, kids can miss out on these important parts of their education. Just 20 minutes away from Delphi is the city of Boston. The city thrives with arts and culture. Below are a few ways to get involved in all it has to offer:

Boston Symphony Orchestra

The BSO has many shows every month, group deals, and diverse performances. Take your kids there or bring a whole group of students to enjoy the music!

Boston Children’s Theater

The Boston Children’s Theater frequently puts on plays and musicals that are perfect for kids. They also offer classes if your kids or students are interested in participating and learning how to act as well.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The MFA has many activities to offer and a handful of them are just for kids! On the first and third Mondays of each month, from 10:15 am- 11:00 am, you can bring your toddler to the MFA Playdates, enjoy storytime and activities in the galleries, followed by art making! Each month the museum focuses on a different theme. They recommend this activity for children ages 4 and younger with adults.

The MFA also offers art classes and workshops for families, children, and teens. The classes are taught by experienced teachers who are also professional artists. It’s a great way to get your students involved in the creation of art.

The Family Art Cart is a fun way to discover the MFA with educational activities designed for children ages 4 and up to do with adults. Per their website, you will go through the galleries, piece together puzzles, learn mythical tales, and uncover ancient Egyptian mysteries!

Whatever activity you choose, these are all great ways to immerse your students and children in art and culture. Help them get into it by taking a trip to Boston. With the city so close to the school, it is the perfect weekend excursion filled with education and fun!

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