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PBS, School Inc., and Why “Study Tech” is Effective

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In the new documentary, School, Inc., PBS dares to throw light on the fact that, even though the world has changed, innovated and evolved, the school system has not changed in over 200 years. It is failing our children, stifling creativity and contributing to the hidden illiteracy epidemic. Delphi Academy has been fighting the illiteracy epidemic in Boston since 1979, and we do that through the use of a Mastery-based curriculum and an innovative set of study tools called Study Technology.


The theory behind Study Technology (aka, Study Tech) is that there are three barriers that prevent students from learning and fulfilling their understanding. The barriers include; absence of mass, too steep a gradient and the misunderstood word. Study Tech, influenced by American writer and educator, L. Ron Hubbard, follows the thought that each barrier produces a physiological response within students – causing them to lose interest or become frustrated or give up studies. It is the reason behind illiteracy. Study Tech has become increasingly popular as the typical school education systems continues to decline.


Absence of Mass

The absence of mass creates a disconnect between students’ imaginations and the real physical object they are studying. Educating someone on something they can’t see or touch can be extremely difficult. Students who encounter this are often prone to headaches, their eyes will feel strained and overall they will not feel well. Many chalk this up to be from exhaustion, bad lighting or studying too late. But it comes from a lack of having the real thing (or a picture of the thing), which is why Study Tech utilizes clay, sketches or manipulatives to allow students to mold their ideas.


Too Steep a Gradient

When a student is given more complex work than they have previously been able to achieve means that they are moving forward with confusions – a too steep of a gradient. Gradients are steps. For example, you wouldn’t learn algebra before mastering multiplication. Study tech avoids this problem by ensuring that students fully master the basics and each step of a subject before moving on to the next level of work.


Misunderstood Word

The most important of the three: A misunderstood definition, not-comprehended definition or an undefined word can thoroughly block one’s understanding of a subject and can even cause one to abandon the subject entirely. Skipping over words that one doesn’t understand creates blanks in the overall understanding or aptitude of a subject. With Study Tech students are continuously encouraged to go back to words they skipped over and ensure they grasp a full understanding of its definition before moving forward.


Study Tech is being used in more than 760 groups and schools around the world and has become more popular as people stray away from the outdated school system. It allows student to be competitive in their knowledge once they enter the workforce and allows students to work at their own pace to ensure that they don’t move forward with any subject before they gain complete mastery.

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