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The little ones with all their joy and love of life have a future shaped by every passing moment. Their tomorrow begins today.

We believe you can never start educating a child too soon;  starting at age 3 years 4 months, our preschool includes reading readiness and hands-on math projects. You will see their communication level enhanced by way of basic handwriting and simple language skills. Their wondrous imaginations and playful attitudes are enriched with daily art and physical education – not to mention exciting and adventurous field trips.

Our faculty provides a nurturing, caring and friendly environment allowing your child to grow and expand at their own rate. They are safe to be themselves while they learn living skills from using the playground to zipping their own coat and keeping their body clean.

The emphasis on social skills including manners, sharing and group activities will shine through in your child’s beautiful smile as they interact with their new best friends.

Our preschool runs from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday with a nap period after lunch. Students do have the option to leave at 3pm.

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