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Questions for choosing the right school for your child

school for your child

The question of which school is right for your child can cause a dilemma in a parent’s mind. How will you know if the school of your choice is the perfect fit? How can you be sure they are getting the best possible education? How will you be confident that your child will be in a happy and nurturing environment at school?

It’s a long and exhausting process, to say the least. With the goal of helping all parents with this, we’ve created a list of questions to help you on your journey in choosing the right education for your child.

Before you start looking for specific schools there a few things you should ask yourself/research about first:

1. Public or Private School?

2. What are my expectations of a school?

3. What do I believe learning looks like?

4. What do I believe is the purpose of an education?

5. Are extracurriculars an important aspect of school for your child?

Once you have a plan laid out, you might begin your search by asking family members, neighbors or coworkers to find out if they have recommendations. There are also many platforms for finding a school in your town/city such as this one.

As you begin to narrow down top choices for your child, you can begin a more specific questionnaire process:

1. What are the long-term goals I want to get out of this school that will help my child be more educated in the future?

2. Do I like the school environment?

3. Why do I see this school as a good fit for my child and what do they provide that gives them an advantage over other schools?

4. What is the student to teacher ratio?

5. What are the admission criteria?

After asking yourself theses important questions, it’s time to start booking a tours. What questions should you ask at this point? We’ve got you covered:

1. What does a typical day look like? How does a student spend their time each day?

2. What is your school’s philosophy and mission Follow-Up: How is it incorporated into a typical school day?

3. What are your teachers’ qualifications and what professional development opportunities do you offer them? Follow-Up: What are the top three skills or assets you look for when hiring faculty and staff?

4. What do you hope a child who attends your school leaves knowing or believing?

5. What is the role of a parent in your school? What are the best ways for me to build a relationship with the school?

These questions offer a foundation of knowledge you can build off of to discover if a school is the right fit for your child. There are many other questions you might find yourself wanting to ask, so go ahead and ask! It’s important to feel like you trust where your children are being educated and spending most of their time.

Delphi Academy would love the opportunity to meet with you and your child, give you a tour of our campus and answer any questions you may have. We understand the importance of choosing the right school for your child. We want you and your child to be confident in that choice!

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