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Reasons Why Every Child Should Go to Summer Camp

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Childhood summers are often synonymous with camp. There’s a reason why so many movies, from the sincere to the ridiculous, have chronicled the experience in one way or another. Camps, whether they’re the traditional sleepaway camp, day camp, or a special niche activity camp, provide an opportunity for fun, new friends, and trying new things. Our Delphi Boston Summer Camp is a unique blend of academic growth and camp fun. Here are # reasons why every child should go to summer camp:

  1. Camp involves action.
    Between swimming trips, playing outside games and participating in various sports, campers get a chance to stretch their legs and get much needed physical activity. It sure beats the alternative summer pastime of sitting on the couch watching reruns!
  2. Camp provides an opportunity for kids to discover new interests and talents
    In a non-traditional school setting, campers often feel more freedom to explore. Hands-on projects make school subjects seem more exciting during the summer and traditional camp activities like arts and crafts and swimming offer fresh experiences. Because of this, campers encounter more chances for success and self-confidence.
  3. Camp activities require teamwork
    Friendships made during the summer often last year-round. This is because so much of camp is spent in teams and groups. Kids get to know each other in a less-structured setting, providing an opportunity for making friends outside of their usual circles.

Summer day camps give the fun camp experience, and are fantastic options for kids of all ages. At Delphi Boston, our summer camp offers a combination of fun and academics. Sign up today!

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