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Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments for kids

We’ve created a list of science experiments you can easily do at home, or at school with your students. Challenge the family to explore and experiment for the school Science Fair or purely for the spirit of learning!

As a tip from us: Make sure to begin each experiment by defining important words. This is essential to fully grasping what you are learning about.

Why do leaves change color?

Is your child curious about why the leaves change color in the Fall. This science experiment will help answer that question, as well as increase their general knowledge about biology and plant life.

Generate electricity and charge a lightbulb.

In this experiment you will learn all about how electricity is generated, and your child will get to see its magic at work as they charge up a lightbulb!

Science experiment studying egg cells.

Interested in microbiology? In this science experiment you’ll get to explore the inner world of an egg.

Paper airplane science experiment.

It’s time to understand the forces that cause paper airplanes to fly. If you child is a fan of planes, or has some interest in aerodynamics, this is the perfect experiment for them!

How do you turn milk into plastic?

Learn all about what a chemical reaction is and what kind of chemical reaction turns milk into plastic. There’s also a bit of history involved in this science experiment!

Science experiments are all about asking questions…

So Learn how to create your very own science experiment with your kids based on personal interests and curiosity here!

In honor of the Delphi Academy of Boston Science Fair fast approaching this Friday we’ve curated a list of challenging, curiosity-igniting science experiments that you can try any day! If you end up putting on your lab coats (figuratively or literally) with your kids, be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram. Here at Delphi Boston, we love to see children everywhere learning, and loving it!

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