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The Small Class Advantage

What would happen if you were a poppy in a field of acres of poppies? Looking over the bright array of colors, the collective display is beautiful and lively. In the wind you all sway as a group, a great wave of energy and a riot of color. You are a living stock growing upward, toward a bright future. Imagine that you bloomed a little bit late. Your blossoming companions are all around you, growing taller and taller. Suddenly, you can’t see the light.You need the light, but you can’t see it. All of your tall friends are passing you up, overshadowing you a little more each day. You begin to shrivel. You are but one tiny flower, wilting in a field that from a distance looks like a lovely, thriving riot of color. No one notices you quietly struggling in the dark shadow of the other poppies.


Now imagine you are a poppy growing in a select bed of special, unique and rare poppies. The gardener carefully tends to each and every one of your unique needs, making little adjustments here and there, so that all of you are thriving at your flower show best, even upon close examination. Each one of you gets a sufficient and equal amount of special attention, because there is enough time for all seven of you in a day. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU flourish and thrive at your most radiant best, because you aren’t neglected by way of being lost in the crowd.

That’s the Delphi Difference! Because most classes have only 12 students, we emphasize smaller classes and a unique, individualized education.

At Delphi Academy of Boston we offer an individualized education that is as unique as your child. Based on an assessment of your child’s understanding,  he or she will enter into a “form” . After  demonstrating proficiency in all the requirements of that form, your child will advance to the next form. Because each student advances through their education at their own pace, they are able to fully grasp foundational concepts and solidly move toward understanding more complex and advanced concepts. This method of “forms” rather than traditional grade levels has made it possible for us to get excellent results without forcing all students to move at exactly the same pace. In this way, each student can get the full benefits from the curriculum and keep advancing as rapidly as he or she is maturing.  We realize that each student is an individual and needs to be addressed as such in his or her education.

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