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Spring is coming! Try out these fun, educational activities with the kids.


Keeping the kids entertained while learning can be a struggle, but we know it can be done! To keep the kiddos active and engaged, here are a few educational projects to try at home. With the somewhat better weather of Spring just around the corner, these activities are great for indoor or outdoor fun:

Try out this Backyard Spelling Game:


Photograph by Joe Polillio


Spelling can be entertaining! This interactive spin on a classic game will provide a boost in basic literacy and critical thinking skills. Get outside with the kids, and get to spelling! Or, if the weather is uncooperative, clear some space in the living room.

If your kids are learning new words in class or want to learn a new set of words, incorporate them into the game and go over how to use them in a sentence. Make as many or as few letters as you want with this free “how-to” from FamilyFun and send us some pictures! You can post them to our Facebook page.


Make a Recycled Birdfeeder (or two):


Photograph by Julie Bidwell


Isn’t it a little funny that we can identify all of the animals in a zoo, but we barely know the species we have right here at home? What better way to get to know some of them than with a little birdwatching! Some of the best birdwatching can be done right in your own backyards.

Many colorful birds are busy foraging around the neighborhood each and every day, and at times, food can be scarce. You and the kids can learn about our feathered friends (and possibly help them find an extra snack) by hanging a homemade feeder on a window for a front row seat! This easy project, also from FamilyFun, helps to build on their skills in nature science, classification, and observation.


Learn Math with These Fun 3D Shapes


Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski


Build on those geometry, spatial reasoning, and manual dexterity skills!

“Sometimes, the simplest projects can demonstrate the most profound ideas. Using humble materials to build a 3-D shape, kids can begin to understand how the things around them — from soccer balls to supermarkets — are made of forms mathematicians call polyhedra (Greek for ‘many faces’).”

(FamilyFun) After making these easy 3D shapes, you’ll be left with an interesting art piece. This simple activity brings learning, math, and art together!


Learn About Weather with this Homemade Barometer


Photograph by Andrew Greto


Most days, we may look up or hear about the weather forecast, either online or during a news report. During the news, the forecaster often talks about how high- and low-pressure systems affect the daily forecast. Now, you and the kids can observe changes in air (or barometric) pressure with this homemade barometer. With this “tool”, you and the kids can make some weather predictions of your own! How cool is that?

This project helps to develop earth science and observation skills, and is just fun to watch each day! How closely can you and the kids predict the weather?


At Delphi Boston, we encourage learning and teach our students how to learn. For more information on our teaching philosophy, read about the Delphi Program here. Questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

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