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Students Participate in Hour of Code Program

hour of code

Can you learn how to code in just an hour? For a week in December, the students at Delphi Boston participated in the global movement Hour of Code, organized by the nonprofit Our students got to explore the intricacies of computer science with iPad, computer, and even paper tutorials, along with over 77 million other students around the world.

The event coincided with Computer Science Education Week and emphasized that anyone can learn the basics. The Hour of Code really opened all of our eyes that these tools we use on a daily basis aren’t as mysterious as we once thought.

Not only did the Hour of Code broaden our respect for computer science, it also provided an opportunity to enrich essential study skills. The complexities of computer science, and the fun tutorials, help foster problem-solving abilities including thinking outside the box. This creativity is vital for an education, as is the logic needed to solve a problem.

The students at Delphi Boston had an amazing time learning something new that week. Taking part in such a great global initiative demonstrates how we are all connected in the computer age. It also correlates perfectly to the curriculum at Delphi Boston. Our students learn more than reading, writing and arithmetic. They have lessons in real world skills such as ethics, communication, nutrition, and computers. To learn more about the Delphi Program, contact us or schedule a campus tour.

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