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Summer Fun In Boston For Families!

Here at Delphi Boston we are dearly missing our students, but realize that the show must go on! Although we aren’t running our summer camp this year, it doesn’t mean that summer will be lacking those fun and productive days we all love. With this in mind, we have done some research and come up with a few activities that you can fill your days with this summer if you live in the Boston area! 


    1. Strawberry picking: Boston is brimming with countless great places to take the kids for a fun strawberry picking afternoon. Some of our personal favorite places include: Smolak Farms, Parlee Farms, Cider Hill Farm, Marini Farm, and Sunshine Farm.

    2. Head to the Drive-In Theater: Some locations around Boston are beginning to open up while following safety guidelines. We’ve collected a few of our top choices for all of you! Make sure to check out their websites to find out what movies are playing and when: Wellfleet Drive-In Theater, Milford Drive-In, Mendon Twin Drive-In and Mansfield Drive-In. 

    3. Play with Legos: If you already have Legos, get them out for your kids to use. If not, don’t stress it! Head to your local Walmart or toy store and find a few sets your kids are excited to build. Lego building is both fun and creative!

    4. Walk to a local park/playground: Pack up some snacks, sunscreen and water and head out with the kids for a fun day in the sun at the park!

    5. Start a garden: Speaking of playing outside… This is one of our favorite activities for having fun and learning at the same time!  You can do this simply by choosing a location and building a garden box or by digging out a space to plant.

Here at Delphi Boston, we hope your Summer is filled with fun and growth as a family! We can’t wait to see all of you here next Fall. As a friendly reminder, we have space available in our Fall Program at Delphi Boston and are currently enrolling new students for next September. Call into our Admissions office today before all of our spots fill up! 

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