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Summertime Lessons to Teach Your Child

Summertime Lessons to Teach Your ChildSummer vacation doesn’t have to be a break from learning. It’s actually better for your child if he or she keeps learning over the season. While we have provided tips in the past on how your youngster can keep learning more traditional activities like writing, reading and math over summer, here we have several techniques you can use to get your child to think practically with what they learned in school over the last few seasons.

Teach your child a new recipe

Most of the time we throw together a meal for our children right after work – or if you are a stay-at-home parent you may cook dinner while your child is doing his or her homework. Take this homework-free time to teach your child some basic cooking skills. If they are old enough they can learn to use the oven by themselves. If your child is too young to use the oven safely, perhaps find some heat-free recipes he or she can learn by heart.

Help them learn science through gardening

Whether you have a yard, a deck or a balcony, your child can learn about plants. Set up a small space (if you only have paved space, use pots) and help them plant seeds. Try big seeds like sunflowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins or squash. Then, have them read the care instructions and tend the garden each day. Gardening teaches your child important lessons like where food comes from, how it grows, and how to care for a living thing.

You can also challenge your child’s creativity as well as his or her reading and writing skills by:

  • Asking them to make DIY labels for each plant.
  • Giving them a plant journal so they can document the growth and productivity of their plants.
  • Getting them a child’s gardening book which teaches them about how plants grow from a seed.

Give them responsibilities

Because your child has more time this summer, this is the perfect time for them to gain responsibility. You can teach them simple chores, ask them to care for a family pet, help them set up a lemonade stand, or get them to plan a fun day-trip.

Show them how to respect the great outdoors

Many families go camping over the summer, which is a fantastic opportunity to teach your child about nature with all of its wonders. However, you don’t have to go camping to reach nature. Take your child to the park or head into a natural area when you take a family vacation. Going to the beach or the lake shore can teach your child about wildlife and the environment.

Give them time to practice things they love

Many kids love art, sports, reading, or exploring. Give them time and space this summer to explore and practice things they love. You can provide them with structured classes or allow them to try new things by themselves.
Summer vacation is a great opportunity for children to learn more than what they are taught in school. Just be sure to keep them reading, writing and doing math as well so as to mitigate summer learning loss.

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