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How to Help Your Child Write (and Accomplish) New Year’s Resolutions

Many people around the U.S. and the world make New Year’s resolutions. It’s a running joke among many that these resolutions are made to be broken. However, this doesn’t have to be the case — and your child can learn a lot by setting and reaching his or her own goals. Now is the perfect. . . Read More

Four Winter DIY Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family

It’s almost winter! The temperatures are getting lower, your children will be out of school for winter break, and outdoor activities can be more difficult to enjoy. Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we understand this time of year can make children a little more antsy. Not only are they often stuck indoors, but there. . . Read More

Why We Focus on Practical Application in Schooling

The Delphi Academy of Boston teaching philosophy includes helping children to develop their ability to evaluate information against how that information will be useful in the real world. We focus on practical application in our schooling for several reasons. These are: Empowerment Students who learn rote knowledge are not empowered to use that knowledge. By. . . Read More

How to Improve Your Child’s Manners Before the Holidays

The holiday season is nearing and your family and friends have more opportunities than usual to enjoy your child’s company. This beautiful season is not only an excellent time for your child to connect with family, but it’s a valuable teaching moment you can use. Preparing your child for holiday meals can teach them an. . . Read More

How to Boost Your Child’s Natural Creativity

Every parent knows that their child is naturally creative. He or she may enjoy building structures with blocks, drawing pictures, making shapes with Play-Doh and more. The last thing you want is for your child to lose his or her natural creativity. It can feel that daily structure is dulling your youngster’s edge. Instead of. . . Read More

Four Fun Activities for You and Your Child to Do At Home

Fall is about to start. The weather will get chillier, your child will be back to school and your family will most likely begin to stay indoors more often. This is the perfect time to connect with your child through fun indoor activities. Here are four projects that both you and your child will enjoy. . . Read More

Help Your Child Brush Up His or Her Manners This Summer

Summer is an odd season for kids. They lose a lot of the structure the rest of the year has to offer and this can cause summer learning loss. The abundance of activities, available sugar, and general chaos of summer can also cause children to forget their manners more often than usual. This can make. . . Read More

Welcome Summer with These Summertime Activities for Your Family

Summer break is right around the corner, with most Boston schools closing from June 22nd through September 7th. While most children treasure summer break, parents often do not know how to keep their young one occupied during the summer months. Here are several fun – and educational – activities that your child can participate in. . . Read More

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