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Spring is coming! Try out these fun, educational activities with the kids.

Keeping the kids entertained while learning can be a struggle, but we know it can be done! To keep the kiddos active and engaged, here are a few educational projects to try at home. With the somewhat better weather of Spring just around the corner, these activities are great for indoor or outdoor fun: Try. . . Read More

Four Winter DIY Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family

It’s almost winter! The temperatures are getting lower, your children will be out of school for winter break, and outdoor activities can be more difficult to enjoy. Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we understand this time of year can make children a little more antsy. Not only are they often stuck indoors, but there. . . Read More

Three Fun DIY Halloween Projects

Halloween is almost here! Most children have picked out their Halloween costume, started carving pumpkins and are ready for trick or treating. But this holiday isn’t only about candy and costumes. There are tons of fun crafts and projects that you and your child can connect through this spooky season. Here are three DIY Halloween. . . Read More

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