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Teacher-Approved Youtube Channels for Kids

YouTube is an amazing resource and educational YouTube channels for kids are becoming a very popular form of learning. If you’re looking for fun, interactive, and enriching material to enhance your children’s screen time, here are our picks for the 5 best educational YouTube channels for kids.

  1. Crash Course Kids. This kid-friendly series from the creators of the popular Crash Course (see below) covers science for elementary kids. The channel includes topics like earth science, biology, astronomy, and more.
  2. Crash Course. Best for teaching older kids history and biology, chemistry, literature, psychology, physics, media literacy, and more. The hosts are knowledgeable and engaging, explaining complex topics in simple terms but never talking down to their audience.
  3. Ted Ed. Does time exist? Why do cities need trees? Why isn’t the world covered in poop? TED-Ed answers these and many more burning questions that only a child can ask. The videos are well-produced, engaging, and beautifully animated, and you’ll find yourself sitting along with your child and absorbing the fascinating information.
  4. Finding Stuff Out. The best YouTube channels for kids are those that feature other kids! Finding Stuff Out explores everything from hair to sports to robots, with young hosts that speak to students on their level.
  5. National Geographic Kids. National Geographic Kids wants to help children explore the world through its fun, often wacky, videos. Whether your child wants to learn about venomous animals or try an experiment involving baking soda, you’ll find excellent, engaging material.

Do you and your kids have a favorite YouTube channel?  Stop by our FB page and share what you like to watch.

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