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Teaching Life Skills Through Classroom Jobs

teaching life skills in the classroom

Being the line leader is a great honor for any six-year-old. It’s a role of importance and shows the teacher’s trust in the student. In fact, all classroom jobs are highly coveted and can teach more than “follow the leader.” Classroom roles, like chores at home, are often the first opportunity elementary-aged students get to demonstrate responsibility and life skills. However, rather than handing out positions arbitrarily, every student should be given the job they’re most qualified for.

To determine each job position, teachers can simulate a real application process. Post help wanted signs for each available position and encourage students to apply for the two or three roles that interest them the most. Much like in the real job market, a student who is passionate about their role will have more pride in doing a good job than one who approaches their responsibility like a chore.

After the initial applications are all submitted, stage interviews for each position. The teacher, teacher’s assistants or even older students from a “buddy” classroom can conduct the interviews. This gives the students a chance to explain why they want the job and how they are uniquely qualified for the position. As an added bonus, encourage the “applicants” to dress professionally for their interview.

Classroom roles can vary greatly and extend beyond the line leader. There are enough jobs to help the teacher keep the room running smoothly to give every student a job. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Veterinarian (feeds classroom pets)
Librarian (keeps the class library organized)
Computer Technician (makes sure all class computers and monitors are turned off at the end of the day)
Ambassador (runs notes to the office or other classrooms)
Traffic controller (line leader)
Electrician (line caboose, turns off the lights when the class leaves)
News Anchor (shares classroom announcements)
Superintendent (keeps the room tidy)
Program Director (maintains the classroom calendar)

Being introduced to life skills such as responsibility, ethics and manners is a crucial aspect of the Delphi curriculum. To learn more, sign up for a tour of Delphi Boston or contact us here.

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