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Teaching Students About Math Literacy

math literacy

The Delphi Program emphasizes literacy in all forms of learning. Literacy is a step-by-step process to gain full comprehension. Literacy is a format in all areas of learning beyond simple textual reading. Incorporating literacy improves comprehension and increases the ability to articulate what the student has learned and how it is applicable to the world around them.

Teaching students to read and write about math helps make sense of the number jumbles that are in front of them. How do you instruct a student to write about the complex problem in front of them if they do not even understand it in the first place?

Once a student can write about the steps they’ve used to solve a problem, and why the answer makes sense, then they have fully mastered the skill. It is one thing to be able to solve the problem, but writing an explanation shows the deep understanding. The “why” answer increases the practicality of the subject. By explaining how and why, the student will be able to transfer the understanding to a real world application and further problems expanding their knowledge.

As an example, if students are learning their multiplication tables and are able to explain why certain numbers produce certain answers, they will be able to use the skill in their real life. Rather than knowing by rote that 6 times 6 equals 36, being able to explain the process will ensure application in their real life. If 6 people need 6 markers in class, the students will understand the transition between the paper problem and their real-world solution.

Incorporating a math journal or writing portion of a mathematics course increases the likelihood of full comprehension at an early time in the process. Emphasizing literacy is a practice that is applicable in all learning subjects and helps to elevate comprehension and application to the highest possible level for students.

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