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Technology is Changing. Is Your Child Keeping Up?

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We’re living in a constantly changing world. Technological advances are coming so fast it can be difficult to keep up. With experts predicting most jobs of the future will require advanced computer skills, you might worry about whether or not your children are going to be ready.

Luckily, the Delphi Boston program is tailor-made for helping your child to adapt to this new, technological world. Here are three key ways it does just that:

1. Proficiency: Because It’s What the Real World Uses

The vast majority of schools across the country still use traditional letter grades to gauge academic progress. Whatever the rationale is behind slapping a B or a D on a student’s academic performance and calling it a day, it doesn’t actually correlate to anything in the real world. In today’s computerized world, all that matters is if a person can actually use the technology. In other words, can the person get results?

Delphi Academy of Boston’s program is proficiency-based. Students study a subject until they fully understand it, and they get all the help needed to ensure that this happens. They don’t move on to a new subject until they can fully apply what they’ve learned on the current one. This produces students that can go into their further education and their later careers with an actual understanding of how the real world works.

2. Study Technology Gives the Advantage with Computer Technology

The Study Technology created by L. Ron Hubbard gives Delphi students another gigantic advantage. The core concepts of the Study Technology revolve around helping students learn how to teach themselves anything. With technology constantly changing, the most capable workers and entrepreneurs of the future will be those people that can continuously keep up with changes because they can keep teaching themselves new skills.

3. Keeping Challenge in the Classroom

Another key element of preparing students for the the rest of their educations and lives is making some elements of their educations as similar to real life as possible. What does that mean? Challenge.

We are constantly looking for ways to challenge our students into learning more and achieving more than they ever thought they could. This is accomplished by having our students participate in community outreach activities and by finding ways that their classroom studies apply to the real world. When you’re challenged to use everything that you’re studying, students start learning to rise to the challenges of real life.

For more information about how Delphi Academy of Boston is helping your children keep up in a constantly changing world, talk to a Delphi representative today!

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