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The 2021 Parent’s Guide to Back to School

Worried about the back-to-school prep? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this guide on transitioning, not just back to school, but back to in-person learning. If you need some extra help, here is a link to a back-to-school checklist for you and your child! 

  1. Breaking the pandemic bubble and transitioning back to being with others. Your kid might be experiencing some anxiety at the thought of leaving home and starting to interact in person with friends and teachers. Start by acknowledging how normal this feeling is. That it can be quite hard to interact with unfamiliar people simply because they are out of practice. You might even let them know that you have had this feeling before too! From here you can start taking small steps before school starts. Set up a few playdates with schoolmates so your kid can start getting comfortable socializing. This will help make the transition much easier for them!
  2. It’s time to start getting back into routines. This includes and is not limited to your kids’ sleep schedules, re-establishing screen limits, and getting used to regular eating times. We would suggest getting back into a solid routine a few days or a week before school. This will help your kids become acclimated. Find out what their school schedule will look like. Sit down to discuss this with your kids so they are fully prepared beforehand.
  3. Focus on the positives of returning to school. Back to school shopping. Seeing friends. Getting to see their favorite teachers again. All the fun activities they get to do and new things they will learn. Maybe there’s an extracurricular activity your kid wants to explore this year. For college or for fun. Get them signed up ahead of time so they have a new activity to look forward to in the coming weeks. Find out if your kids have any goals they want to achieve in the coming year. Create a vision board with them on Pinterest or physically so they can hang it up in their room!
  4. Build safety into the daily routine. Understand and explain your schools’ safety requirements for in-person learning this year. Sit down and discuss this with your kids. Find out if they have any questions or concerns regarding these policies and make sure they are comfortable and ready for it!
  1. Designate a clear place to do homework. We might even suggest making separate workspaces for your kids: An area in your home where they feel inspired to get work done; a space that feels like their own.
  2. Create a family calendar. Creating a monthly paper calendar to hang on the fridge, and an electrical calendar to share with your older kids or spouse can keep all tasks and activities organized. This maintains clarity and leaves less room for confusion and stress in the lives of everyone in the family!

School is approaching us rapidly and it’s important that we are all prepared, not just our kids but the whole family. Lives will get busier, the cold weather will be upon us and before we know it it’ll be Winter Break! So try and enjoy every moment despite the stress and show your kids how to as well. If you have any questions about transitioning to in-person learning, don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions office. We are looking forward to seeing our students back this Fall! 

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