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The Back-to-School Must Have Supplies for 2015

School is starting very soon and that means back-to-school shopping and preparation! Here is a list of back-to-school must haves, and a few ideas to brighten up the same old supplies:

  1. Back-to-school clothes shopping can be overwhelming. Get 10-15 basics for your kids and switch them up for a workable wardrobe that doesn’t break your budget. Add in a jacket or two and you are done!

  2. Shoes for back-to-school can also be simple. A good pair of sneakers and a nicer pair of oxfords or flats will do the trick. Two pairs of new shoes can be more than enough for the upcoming school year.

  3. Backpacks are a necessity. Get a good backpack with space for a laptop or lunchbox, books, and all other supplies. Once you score the perfect backpack you can customize it. Draw on it with markers, paint it, or buy a unique backpack to brighten up your school outfits.

  4. Laptops, iPads, iPhones, at least one is needed for school. If you or your kid has a laptop there are many ways to keep it protected in style. Decorate the laptop or get a fun case to cover it.

  5. Notebooks are important and usually one for each class is preferred. There are ways to brighten them up by adding cute labels to the front. Paint your kid’s name and subject on the front with some other designs or paper cut outs. Personalizing anything makes it more special!

  6. Lunchboxes must be thought about as well. Preparing new and interesting lunches can get hard. Check out our Pinterest board to see some great healthy lunchbox ideas to keep your kid happy.

  7. The miscellaneous school supplies can be more fun than you thought. Bright markers and erasers shaped like ice-cream are two examples of this. Scissors, rulers, and pencils come in many different shapes and sizes as well.

Visit our Pinterest board to see all of these ideas and more – and get links to the products! By brightening up their back-to-school supplies, a better school year can lie ahead of your students. Be completely prepared for the school months and do it in style!

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