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The Emphasis On Academic Basics at Delphi Boston


A key element to the Delphi Program is the emphasis on academic basics. A comprehensive grasp on reading, writing and math provide the foundation for broader subjects. Without these, a child’s education lacks the fundamental steps towards success.

Because of the individualized programs at Delphi Boston, each student progresses at the speed most appropriate for them. This gives them the space and time to achieve a complete grasp on the basics, rather than rushing through, significantly decreasing the opportunity for gaps in their education later on.

The emphasis on academic basics at Delphi Boston begins in the preschool program. For students as young as three, there is a reading readiness program. It is specifically designed for each child to begin tackling reading at their own pace. We also introduce hands-on math projects and tackle basic handwriting and language skills.

In the Lower School, there is a lot of focus on reading, math and writing. Once students have a solid grasp on these basic subjects, they are then applicable to other subjects such as science, history, music, geography and foreign languages.

This strong educational foundation is solidified in the Elementary School and Middle School. There is a special emphasis on life skills and practical application in relation to those academic basics. The literature-based reading program gives students roughly 17-23 books a month, depending on the length and difficulty of each book. The books also cover a wide variety of subjects and genres, with key literary works covered in Literature Seminars and discussion heavily encouraged to develop critical thinking skills. Writing is covered through compositions, poetry and short stories, as well as oral presentations.

New math concepts are also introduced in seminar-style classes. Along with daily practice for instant response to basic arithmetic equations, students begin multiplying fractions, handle basic geometric and pre-algebraic formulas, and ratios and percentages. Every new concept is only made possible if a student has a firm, comprehensive, understanding of the basics of arithmetic.

We put so much emphasis on academic basics because we believe they truly are the foundation to any solid education. To learn more about the Delphi program and curriculum, sign up for a campus tour.

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