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The First Step Toward Instilling a Sense of Leadership in Your Fifth Grader

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You might not realize it right away, but fifth grade is a pivotal step in your child’s life. It’s the last stretch of elementary school before the exciting (and possibly scary) leap into middle school that is right around the corner. This makes fifth grade the perfect time to hone in on some of the skills that your child will need throughout the rest of his education and life.

Leadership is Key

One of the most important skills you can have in life is a strong sense of leadership. Now, your fifth grader might not immediately see why leadership is important when the main problems in his or her life concern One Direction breaking up or the amount of experience points gained in a weekend session of Call of Duty. However, as adults it is our duty to help them start developing the abilities they don’t even know they need yet.

Any of us who have found fulfillment and happiness in our careers, families and communities could take a moment to analyze how leadership plays a key role in our successes. Here is how you can start passing on that lesson to your own child.

Start Letting Her Make Decisions

What is leadership, really? Simply put, it’s the ability to make decisions and to guide others in following those decisions. This means that if you want your child to learn to lead, she has to start by being able to make decisions.

While we can (and should) help guide our children through many important decisions, fifth grade is a good time in a child’s life for her to start taking on the responsibility of making more decisions for herself. A smaller child looks to you for everything from what she is going to eat at every meal to what she will wear every day. By the fifth grade, you can actively be turning over many basic decisions to her to handle on her own.

Baby Steps (I Mean, Fifth Grader Steps…)

What extracurricular activities does she want to participate in? How would she like to contribute to the family in terms of doing chores? When she was younger you might have put your daughter in ballet just because you wanted her to have a fun activity to do. The fifth grade is a great time to let her start evaluating for herself whether or not it’s a skill she really wants to continue to pursue.

By making decisions for her own life, your child will also get the valuable opportunity to see the outcome or consequences of her decisions. You can help her a lot by gently helping analyze what happened as a result of a decision made. “So, you decided to wear all black clothing in the middle of summer–how did that go?” By creating a safe space to let your fifth grader decide when she’s made poor choices (or really good ones), you’re helping foster the valuable skills of self-awareness and confidence.

Once your child is aware of the possible consequences of her decisions and is confident in making them anyway, you have the makings of a potential leader on your hands. After all, your child has to confidently be able to lead herself before she can lead anyone else.

If you know any families that would like to learn about all of the learning opportunities available to their children at Delphi Academy, call or talk to a member of our Admissions Department today! We’re ready to help more children start learning to be leaders.

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