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The Importance of Writing

Being a competent writer is one of the most beneficial skills a student can have. Writing is the primary basis of communication, history and art. The Delphi Academy of Boston strives to offer students the necessary skills they need to become great writers. It is a form of self expression and is a platform to show one’s intelligence.

Writing combines many basics skills, like hand movement and cognitive processes to write alphabet letters precisely and fluidly. From first grade on children are required to write and are often graded on their ability to form grammatically correct sentences. To improve your writing skills it is important to practice multiple times a week until you get the hang of it. Set out time during the day to write and turn off all distractions. This helps you build longer sentences and grasp the art of good grammar. To make your writing more conversational ask questions, use expressive words and smooth transitions when changing topics.

Each person has a personalized style and voice in their writing. Punctuation lets you experiment with your voice and add rythme. Eliminate filler words to keep your writing to the point. This also lessens confusion from your readers. If you have a complex topic with loads of information create an outline to get your thoughts in order.

When you think your paper is good to go, read it outloud! This brings grammatical errors or odd phrasings to your attention.

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