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Three Perfect Nature Activities for Students

nature activities for students

Spring is here… kind of. It’s time to get ready to get out of the house and take advantage of nature! There may still be snow in North East, but it’s nice to prepare activities to fully appreciate the warmer weather when it gets here. The first changes are already appearing and pretty soon the outdoors will be very inviting. Here are a few activities we found on Pinterest that can help get your students or children excited about exploring and learning about nature.

Watercolors From Flowers watercolor flowers
Here is a pin that shows you how to make watercolors from fresh flowers! It is easy, fun, and artistic. In just an hour, you can have fresh and vibrant watercolors to paint with and create your own spring masterpieces.

nature scavenger hunt

  Have A Nature Scavenger Hunt
  A simple scavenger hunt is a great activity to participate in when it’s nice outside and you just want to let everyone run loose. It’s a great way to get kids out from in front of the T.V. or computer for at least an hour or so. This pin shows you how to make your own, or you can just use theirs!


Get Decked Out In Sticksnature activities
Most would consider playing dress-up and indoor activity. There is, however, a way to carry the fun outside with a little innovation! Try making stick crowns, royal scepters, and more! With all the resources (leaves, sticks, flowers, etc.) who knows what you could make in just a few minutes! For instructions on how to make a killer stick crown to get it all started, here is a helpful pin.


For more great ideas on the perfect nature activities, as well as fun crafts and learning activities, check out all of the Delphi Boston Pinterest boards. Happy pinning and here’s to a warm spring fast approaching!

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